In today’s highly competitive and information driven business environment, thoughtful, consistent and well articulated communication has become critical to connecting people.

We, MDI’s Corporate Communications Cell, or ‘Corpcom’ for short, are basically your source of information about this prestigious institution.We understand the importance of communicating and engaging with not only the internal audience but also our diverse stakeholders in the world around. Through regular e-mails, media coverage of important events and individual achievements, digital signage at different places across the campus, we try to keep our internal audience involved and further their identification.

MDI corporate communications committee, headed by a chairperson and co-chairperson and guided by faculty members creates and fosters formal channels of communication, as well as deals with new channels of communications as and when necessary. MDI Corporate Communications Cell is a student group attached with the faculty committee. We reach you through Facebook, Twitter, blogs and also via videos on YouTube.

The cell has become the eyes and ears of not only our alumni but also our prospective students. The Corporate Communication committee is thus the custodian of the brand image, identity and culture of MDI.