From A Fresher’s Desk

I walked into MDI, misled into thinking that being an insomniac would help. I expected late night parties and studying, few worthwhile discussions, an amazing learning experience and a maybe few good friends. However, I did not know what this place had in store for me!

The first week at every B School is supposed to be a little ‘hat-ke’ and every school has its own traditions to live up to. The first week at MDI began with a time table for the next 7 days, a time table that filled 5 A4 sheets. It was something that made my head wobble and I heard myself saying, “What have you got yourself into?”

That voice faded away as I sat for my first ‘talk’. A class of 120 people dressed in formals sat in the hall with a ‘Welcome To MDI’ backdrop flashing between the heads of the speakers. My head wobbled again with the thump of the speakers, reminding me of how happy I had been the day I had secured admission here. I smiled uncontrollably.

What followed was a week full of reliving experiences through the minds of some brilliant people. Every day was something to look forward to, a new idea to be explored as the speakers gave us lessons from their lives. Some of the most memorable ones for me were Mr. Salil Sadanandan – MD, India Sub Sahara Africa, Kohler; Mr. Raghav Ramdev – Director, Chrys Capital; Mr. Amit Malik, Chief People Officer – Aviva Life Insurance and last but definitely not the least Mr. Amit Boni, Country Head, Motorola. One day I am sitting at home watching 2 Broke Girls in my Pajamas and now I am a part of the world where I am discussing and questioning marketing strategies, understanding financial concepts, talking about company strategies with some of the biggest names in the business.

The initial fear of our seniors soon turned into an unwavering respect as we accepted their guidance, and became friends and they soon became the reason for our survival in this place. From the library to the eating joints to the computer center, you can see the entire place lit up all the time. At no point of time is the college in absolute levels of inactivity. “Maybe it is the perfect place for this insomniac”, I thought. I understood the truth in the favorite quote ‘MDI Never Sleeps’.

For years being the daughter of an IIM-B alumnus I was made to believe no other B school could be better or even as good. But this place has made me realize, home is where the heart is, and there’s no place better than home.


Written by: Ananya Khanna (PGPM, Batch of 2016-2018)


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