Why are Millennials the way they are?

Remember the time, when Mowgli was such a cogent inspiration to get up on a lousy Sunday morning? While Son-Pari made Wednesday evenings a delight for kids, flaunting a Shaka-laka- boom- boom pencil was a lucky charm in hand. The summer heat was cooled with ice-cream and episodes of Malgudi-days alike.

When computers, laptops and i-pads were not handy, there was just one screen to glue our eyes on, all day long-the television. The small screen television heroes were always there to entertain the kids of nineties. While Tom and Jerry still continue to entertain another generation of kids with silent comedy, Flintstones, Oswald, Noddy, Dexter and the Power-puff Girls have taken a graceful retirement from their huge fan following.

It is from these ingenuous creations and their simple messages, that millennials draw their most quoted traits and characteristics. A generation which is entering the workforce and readying to take up leadership roles in the decades to come, the way a millennial’s mind is wired and shaped can be related to childhood. We learnt from Dexter to be hard working, and how geekiness is also cool. We learnt our early lessons of team efforts and leadership from the buoyant architect Bob, the Builder. We vicariously lived the joy of completing tasks on time, even though just meeting the deadlines! All of us wanted to be a Richie Rich to live the wild dreams of owning a private chocolate island and tech-gadgets that we can flaunt, and yet it is not just money that gives us happiness. It from these simple colourful imageries of childhood we have imbibed care and compassion into ourselves. The Flintstones, taught us a way of live, of how even an unsatisfying job was compensated by a wonderful personal life. Love of the Flintstones inconspicuously is reflected in almost every Millennial’s job concern- a good work life balance.

Every cartoon character we enjoyed watching taught us some simple lessons or else imprinted us with a way of life which we shall yearn for alongside all our career goals. Even for the millennials who did not get to relish those uncountably many lazy afternoons when we sat glued to the television screen, the lifestyle of the 90’s played a really important role in the ‘making of the millennials’ we are. The millennial generation is a transitional generation, the one which saw both sides of the coin. It has seen the age old yellow PCOs and were also the first ones to install games on smart phones of their parents. It is generation which has seen manual work wade and technology take over, which gives this generation all the more reason to respect and accept technology than no one else did. It is the generation which has lived the moderately slow paced life of the 90s and easily kept up with the pace of the seemingly wireless world we are living in. And indeed, we the millennials’ have lived a Harry Potter, solved problems like the puzzles of Chacha Choudhury and move with the fierceness of the Power Puff girls. We the millennials are indeed special in more than one ways, with which we shall our make a world truly special. As my Organisational Behaviour lecture ends, I am done with my part of analysis on millennials for now. All I need is the time to sit back like those lazy winter afternoons and enjoy my all time personal favourite – The Flintstones.


Written by: Shreya Shankar (PGP-HR, Batch of 2016-2018)


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