The Warp of Social Media

The age of digitization, the era of online connectivity, the epoch of technological oneness; these are some of the terms that make a rather enthusiastic attempt at defining the chaotic period we’re living in. To most of the world, the internet has been opening us up to newer opinions, helping us diversify the way we think, and even modify our intellectual processes for the better.


This well maybe one of the biggest lies perpetrating the populace. Hokum, it may be called, in the words of Dr Sheldon Lee Cooper.


Let us take a peek at how the online world we all rave about actually functions. Take social media for instance. You tend to make friends with like minded people. So barely any varied ideas there. The next and more importantly, you engage tailored (read sponsored) content, or the content from pages you or your friends have liked. This is entirely based on your interests, your likes and your browsing history. So when something is shown to you, you’re already interested in the said topic. In essence, you tend to be surrounded by, and interacting with, people who think like you and are influenced by similar ideas, thrilled by the same concepts. Probably even turned on by the same people!!!


Moving out of social media, even your advertisements that Google, Amazon and other hosting websites so meticulously tailor to you based on what transpires through your unique IDs, be it your IP addresses or your networks are attempts at making you see something familiar and engaging with it.


Bottomline? Disparate opinions barely seep in.


This all does make helluva sense though. Being predictable bodes well for the people who make a living off the internet, and well, you. Being able to gauge patterns is what analytics is all about. And all of you, are a part of that, unknowingly as it may be.


Perhaps it is nature at work. Likes mingle, after all. Even the advent of social media has not been able to change this. Perhaps nothing will.


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