From VIDESH – PGPIM Diaries

Ah yes! We are all in continental Europe! And it is beautiful!

We are all comfortably tucked in at the moment, enjoying the beautiful cities of London, Paris, Madrid and Berlin. And the course (MEB – Master in European Business) has commenced.

So what is it like, studying with a bunch of Europeans?

First of all, the school where we are enrolled into (ESCP Europe) is French. So either everyone is French, or seems to know French. But agreed, it is a whole different experience. The way classes happen, the attitude of the students, and of course, the parties are all only vaguely familiar.

The good thing is, the course load at MDI triumphs ESCP by a long margin. So make your travel plans ahead of time. Moreover, this planning would also help you in saving costs, which can be humongous if you end up in London or Paris!

Take care (à Londre!)


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